Training is available to improving and advancing groomers looking for guidance and support this is tailored to individuals or small groups we can arrange this in our workshop space or your own facilities
day workshops are available on variety of subject please call me to discuss your needs. Prices available on request.


this service will be launched shortly and will consist of a fully supported program for the newly trained or just qualified groomers designed to continue your training journey and help you to achieve confidence and skills it will be be tailored to helping you achieve your goals whether these be certification, competitions or breed specific trimming

It will be a subscribed training programme personally designed for each individual with seminars and personal development plans structored for our situation and training needs

this will include live time feed back giving you support and live real time advice
telephone face book and video feed formats will all be used


Im available to attend shows and events and my current seminars include seeing the box this seminar will give you the confidence in
trimming to breed profile and shape it will show you how see the dogs structure as a trimming frame using simple shapes to train your eye into recognising easy angulation using props to correct posture and breed profile faults improving trims to enhance the dog into correct shape. 


Trimming all types of Oodle these breeds now make up a huge part of out clientele and i will show you how to manage these breeds effectively including:
dealing with and maintaining the coat
how to teach our customers to love shape
making money from designer breeds


This seminar concentrates will concentrate on a number different head shapes enhancing the breed profile and trimming to correct breed profiles

tails and rear angulation
how to create style and shape enhancing the dogs own style
making a good rear.

other seminars available please ask for any subjects or breeds you would like covered.

All dogs and cats are bathed with our special formulated shampoos these are chosen according to the animals skin and coat requirements

veterinary prescribed shampoos can be used